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If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.

Vincent Van Gogh

How to Draw Faces

One of the most challenging parts of the human body to draw is the face. Our faces are quite symmetrical if you think of it and with this being said I will walk you through the steps to a technique that will make it easy to draw a face.

What you will need is a pad of tracing paper and a pad of sketch paper and a nice soft pencil (B or 2B).... oh yes and an eraser. Follow these steps:

Step 11: Draw an oval shape and then draw a centre line horizontal and vertical. These will align the centres of the eyes with the horizontal line and the nose and mouth with the vertical line.

Step 1 2: Draw another line between the bottom of the oval and the centre horizontal line. This will be the positioning for the bottom tip of the nose.

Step1 3: Divide the spaces with horizontal lines as shown. In later diagrams you will see that these lines are useful for aligning the nostrils and the top and bottom of a smiling mouth.

Step1 4: Two vertical lines dividing the two halves of the face give you perfect alignment of the centres of the eyes and the corners of the smiling mouth.

Step1 5:Simple geometric shapes like circles for the pupils and arches over them suggest lids. Circles and a triangular shape give shape to the nose.

Step16: To finish it off you have two arches for ears starting at the eye line and arching down just below the nostril line. Two lines extending vertically down below your head are perfect positioning for a neck.