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Artists In Momentum


Portfolio site

Portfolio site


StandUp Desking

Helen Duplassie Gallery

Ready To Go Foods

Rustic Village Designs

Houston Med Billing

Clippn Critters

Andorra Lodge

Sample Spa Site

Sample Restaurant Site

Sample Travel Site

Sample Winery Site

Sample Photo Gallery Site

Sample Jewelry Site

Financial Home Page Layout1

Tahiti Spa Retreat Page Layout

Check out the gallery of websites that I created for clients and sample sites using Dream Weaver and Fireworks CS5, CSS, HTML5, Javascript, JQuery and PHP.

Some of the sites are active websites and some of the sample sites have active navigation and some layouts are just mockups created in fireworks for further development. The samples are geared towards a variety of businesses such has office equipment, animation and 3D, home decor, medical, pet grooming, vacation cottages, photography, food services, spas, financial institutions, travel, restaurant, and entertainment.