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A Culinary Adventure
to the Exotic Shores
of the Caribbean

It tastes amazing, it has the aroma of sunshine and spice, eating it makes you feel strong and comforted. What makes Caribbean food so special? Caribbean cuisine is a melange of Carib, Dutch, Spanish, British, French, African and Asian influences. The best of so many cultures explains the perfect combination of spicy, sweet and exotic tastes, but what about it makes you feel so good?

The blend of spices that make up Miss 'P' Curry Paste and Miss 'P' All Purpose Seasoning Mix, including turmeric, cinnamon, garlic and coriander also have unparalleled health benefits. You are what you eat. Proponents of Ayurvedic medicine have lived by that philosophy for thousands of years. Sustained health is created not by fighting disease, but by creating a balance between mind body and spirit that works to prevent illness. Miss 'P' Curry Paste and Miss 'P' All Purpose Seasoning Mix are packed with essentials from nature's magnificent medicinal cabinet. Delicious meals that keep the body strong and the spirit invigorated,
ready to go!

Miss 'P' Curry Paste

Fifteen natural herbs and spices freshly ground from their natural form and slow cooked to blend the flavors to perfection, Miss 'P' Curry Paste is a culinary delight filled with natural health and immune boosters. Simply add meat, chicken or vegetables and go from the stove to the table.

Miss 'P' All Purpose
Seasoning Mix

Like the curry paste, Miss 'P' All Purpose Seasoning Mix is a slow blend of herbs and spices freshly ground and prepared from their natural form. Specially created for people who enjoy an extra punch of flavor in their food, the seasoning mix is an easy, convenient way to enhance the flavor of meat and vegetables either, as a complement to the Curry Paste or on its own.

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