Tips: Store tomatoes in a cool dry place to ripen.

Do not refridgerate or they will loose their flavour.

Welcome to PotagerDuKanada!

*** The Farm is now located in the agricultural section of the Garden City of St Catharines. After three years of soil preparation and test planting, the Farm is now ready for full fledge cultivation of bio-dynamic and organic vegetables and herbs. The website is in progress of updates....***

In the sumptuously guarded property of the Heritage McVean Farm by TheTRCA & Farm Start , Potager duKanada is proud to be one of the Urban Farms to protect the land, trees and the environment, practicing Organic Methodology for a sustainable local fresh produce. Potager duKanada, within its means vows to help in cleaning the air we breathe, render the soil healthy and the water clear for the future generations to come.

Potager duKanada is a small, diversified farm cultivating organically a wide variety of vegetables and raw honey from bees kept on the property to pollinate vegetable flowers, the wild flowers on the property and those of the neighborhood. You may enjoy the freshly harvested produce at the Humber Bay Shores Farmers' Market; TBG Organic Farmers Market and Sorauren Farmers' Market. The Farm has a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) plan in place.

We grow a variety of vegetables and herbs, using the natural and ecological practices. The natural methods of fertilization like the green manure, organic compost, crop rotation and companion planting practice, means no need for synthetic fertilization and pesticides. Herbicides are not used at all, for we hand weed the beds and use the weeds as compost in between the rows, keeping the soil moist and fertile. We make use of renewable resources, to maintain biological diversity and keeping the soil micro-organic matter sustainable.

Potager duKanada cultivate the vegetables by means of natural organic practices. Potager is now certified of growing certified produce. Eccocert Canada Certificate # CA-124125-Z-09779-2008

The philosophy of the Farm is to "Maximize on your nutrients by eating local, fresh and organic!"

A healthy fed family is a happy family.